Compacfoam ® thermal break material reduces conductive heat loss due to thermal bridging. It provides
continuous insulation where structural connections would normally create a discontinuity in the thermal
control layer of the building envelope.

Compacfoam ® conducts heat up to 5,000 times less than aluminum, 1,300 times less than steel and 20
times less than concrete. It is compatible with all field applied air barriers, sealants, and flashings.

In addition to being red list free, this EPS type material is manufactured with a blowing agent that has an ODP (ozone depleting potential) of zero and a GWP (global warming potential) of five.  It is HCFC and CFC free and contains zero HBCD (halogenated fire retardants).


Fenestration Frames and Openings

Roof and Wall Purlin Connections

Curtain wall and Storefront Transitions

Column Bases


Compacfoam can be used as thermal spacer blocks in metal building wall and roof connections

Compacfoam thermal break at window frame connection to wall opening

Compacfoam thermal break at window opening – passive house building design

Compacfoam can be cut and machined to integrate with window and door sills or thresholds

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