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Z girt thermal break. The Cladiator slotted z girt, reduces heat loss due to thermal bridging by replacing traditional, highly conductive metal Z girts. This composite Z girt significantly improves the R-value of wall assemblies by increasing the thermal resistance and providing true continuous insulation.

Cladiator™ z girt thermal break cladding attachment is an FRP (fiberglass) pultruded composite made with a custom fire-retardant resin system.  These z girts work with any standard insulation and profiles are available in various depths to accommodate insulation of thickness 2” to 6” in ½” increments.

The unique slotted feature allows for faster installation of exterior insulation without pinning.  This reduces potential damage to the air barrier and eliminates puncturing the air barrier to secure the insulation.

z girt thermal break

SLOTTED-Z and Mineral Wool Insulation

  • Mineral Wool insulation form fits around the girt at the substrate and if using the ROCKETStick, allows for an additional ½” of insulation to be installed, versus foam board insulation.

SLOTTED-Z and Foam Board Insulation

  • Foam insulation rests on top of the flange at the substrate and secured at the front by the ROCKETStick
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