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Z girt thermal break . STRONGIRT™ reduces heat loss due to thermal bridging by replacing traditional, highly conductive metal Z girts. This composite Z girt significantly improves the U
value of wall assemblies, increases the thermal resistance and provides true continuous insulation.

STRONGIRT™ thermal break cladding attachment support system is an FRP (fiberglass) pultruded composite made of a custom fire-retardant resin system and unique laminate design to offer superior pull-out strength, excellent thermal efficiency, and the ability to work with any standard insulation. Profiles are available in various depths to accommodate insulation of thickness 1-½” to 6” in ½” increments.

z girt thermal break

STRONGIRT™ Features and Benefits:
• 100% FRP system (no metal to rust or react)
• Superior pullout strength
• Invisible in rainscreen cavities
• Double fastening system on the front flange
• Lightweight
• Works with all non-proprietary insulation
• No in-field fabrication required
• 10′ and 20′ standard lengths (custom lengths available)
• Thermally efficient replacement to metal cladding attachment systems
• Code compliant

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