About Us

Rob Haley has over 7 years’ experience solving thermal bridging problems and is the founder and
president of Thermal Bridging Solutions. Prior to starting Thermal Bridging Solutions, Rob was a partner
at Armadillo NV where he was responsible for the research, development and marketing of Armatherm ™
thermal break materials. During this time, he received a US patent for a thermally broken Z girt cladding
He is a member of IIBEC (RCI), NIBS BETEC, PHAUS and is a reviewer of the ASHRAE 90.1 addendum av, which is
addressing thermal bridging mitigation strategies not currently regulated by the standard. Rob holds a degree in mechanical
engineering from Northeastern University.
Rob was the engineering and marketing manager at Fabreeka International where he worked for 28
years specializing in vibration isolation for industries from mining to aerospace. He worked on several
major aerospace test programs for the Hubble and James West space telescopes.
The dynamics of structural connections in buildings led Rob to investigate the existence of thermal
bridging in commercial construction. In 2012, prior to leaving Fabreeka, he developed the first
structural thermal break material for steel framing connections offered in North America, Fabreeka-
He has a keen interest in thermal modeling and hygrothermal analysis which look at the effects of
thermal bridging due to heat and air movement in building wall and roof assemblies. His goal is to help
keep the heat in and push the dew point out by developing thermal bridging solutions that create a
more efficient thermal envelope.
Rob enjoys helping others and giving back to his community and has been a member of his local Lions
Club for ten years. He is also a den leader for his sons’ cub scout pack.